We help you to visualize your Enterprise data better than ever

Organizations have no lack of raw data.  Let Reality-Tech help you transform your organization’s data on-demand into usable insights with analytics.  Surface your data into actionable insights using:

  • Interactive dashboards
  • Dynamic reports
  • Secure and custom analysis
  • Graphical visualization of enterprise data
  • Presentation-ready insights

Share analytics and reports that are easy to understand and tell a compelling story.  Deliver usable information to both local and remote staff in the format that works best for them: Excel, PDF, email or an interactive web page.

We can architect, design and deploy Business Intelligence solutions including Dashboards in SharePoint that integrate real-time financial time tracking and other data. We leverage PerformancePoint, PowerPivot and Excel Services to bring dynamic and interactive dashboards to life. Enable informed decision making by surfacing your data in an interactive browser based experience that turns data into actionable insights and analytics.

Reality Tech offers robust capabilities to transform legacy data into useful analytics using a wide range of capabilities:

  • Excel Services

    Excel Services to render workbooks and pivot tables within a browser

  • PowerView

    PowerView for dynamic and interactive visuals

  • Decomposition Trees

    Decomposition Trees for showing multi-dimensional data breakouts

  • PowerPivot

    PowerPivot for end-user pivoting massive multi-table data

  • PerformancePoint

    PerformancePoint Dashboards and Scorecards for visual analytical data presentation

  • PowerQuery

    PowerQuery to more easily discover, combine and transform data from multiple data sources within Excel

  • PowerMap

    PowerMap to create interactive data visualizations to explore and uncover insights and present findings within Excel

  • SSRS

    SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for enterprise reporting

  • SSIS

    SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for automating the transport, consolidation and refinement of data

  • SSAS

    SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) for creating high performance multi-dimensional cubes for rapid reporting

  • Natural Language Queries

    Natural language queries to simplify analysis by end-users

  • Data Merging

    Data merging from multiple sources for a consolidated view across the enterprise

  • 3D Visuals

    3D Geospatial analysis for world-class compelling analytical visualization

  • Shared Data Queries

    Team-created data queries shared across the enterprise enabling, team members

Extend your data to bring analytics and insights to your users. Let Reality Tech guide you to utilize the Business Intelligence in place in your organization.