We create extraordinary collaborative intranets that improve organizational efficiency

An intranet is the one-stop shop for your users.  It provides an internal, central corporate location for news, reference information, links and calendars.  The Intranet can be extended to store documents, manage assignments, and provide access to internal systems and services.

Let Reality Tech work with your team to create an Intranet Portal that becomes the “go-to” place for all corporate information.  We will customize the look and feel to fit your corporate image, and tune the content and hierarchy to match your organizational structure.  We can create department sites, and custom web parts and integrate them with your legacy systems to make your portal shine.  We can help leverage the managed metadata taxonomy capability to drive navigation in an intuitive and easy to update manner.  Options include an automation capability where new projects can be created with one click that creates a library, populates it with a standard set of folders, and updates security and navigation.


  • Project Collaboration

    Manage tasks, calendars, assignments, schedules, and documents, all while reducing email clutter and enabling more effective collaboration and project management.

  • Real-Time Dashboards & Business Intelligence

    Publish interactive dynamic dashboards that turn raw data into real time usable information as an organizational capability. Access LOB (line-of-business) data from multiple sources (KPIs, shared Excel spreadsheets, SQL Server reports). View important customer or market data, all in one place.

  • Enterprise Document Management

    Gather together all of the content in your organization. Reports, emails, customer data, services information, team plans, you name it. All can be categorized and searchable.

  • Knowledge Base

    An Intranet is the perfect location for references, such as a Knowledge Base and/or Wiki, to collect and store everyone’s input about certain topics. Capture information and knowledge to facilitate better sharing and enable newer staffers to become effective more quickly.

  • Integrate Existing Applications

    External systems and sites can be seamlessly integrated for one-stop shopping and reference.

  • Team Calendaring

    Teams can share working calendars which can be made available right from within Outlook.

  • Automated Workflow Approvals

    Automate your organizational processes to improve your efficiencies with forms, tasks, approvals, notifications, and escalation, as well as auditing and escalation, when needed.

  • My Sites

    My Sites are both personal storage areas and personalized intranet webpages that facilitate communication and collaboration. End users retain control and are empowered to use and share them as needed.

  • RSS Feeds

    Create project-based RSS feeds so that end users can track information that is added or changed in their projects.

We are expert corporate Intranet designers. Let’s discuss designing the perfect intranet for your environment.