Bring Enterprise-worthy Search to the Enterprise

A well-designed search experience can make the difference between success and failure, enabling staff to rapidly locate and collaborate on documents.

  • Previews

    • Preview the document before opening it
    • Scroll through presentations
    • Quickly view search results within the preview
  • Customized Search criteria

    • Search criteria and prompts customized to meet end user needs
    • Query suggestions
  • Query Refinement

    • Search refinement panels to zoom in on key documents
    • Accurate document counts for each refinement value
    • Zoom in on any refinement metadata
  • Performance

    High performance and scalability are designed from the ground up for your enterprise.

  • Legacy Systems

    Crawl legacy enterprise systems; search results are not limited to the SharePoint farm.

  • Database Results

    Surface database data as search results; results are not limited to documents only. Each database row can be represented as a web page that surfaces the database fields in a useful layout.

  • Add metadata and links

    Search results can include custom links:

    • Triggering an email with an attached link to the search result
    • Opening containing folder
    • Opening metadata properties for document

Search can be the killer feature for your enterprise. Let us design a search experience that delights your users.