iStock_000011032015SmallWe provide Enterprise Information Architecture Services using SharePoint that help Enterprises design for scalability, security and performance

  • Centralized Control

    Centralized management of Information Policy can be created within an enterprise SharePoint environment if designed from scratch.

  • Document Retention and Disposition

    Common and centralized definitions of the full lifecycle of document retention and disposition in alignment with corporate policies to preserve key information and provide legal protection for your enterprise.

  • Findability

    A common Information Architecture enables an optimized search experience that minimizes time spent locating documents.

  • Location-based tagging

    Utilize location-based metadata definition to minimize end user effort and whim in tagging documents.

  • Metadata definition

    Define all document metadata centrally, based on context, location, department and use.

  • Navigation

    Correlate document types with location to improve navigation to locate documents, providing an optimized user experience across the enterprise.

  • Performance

    Design of an Information Architecture must include fitting within SharePoint constraints to ensure optimum performance and end user experience.

  • Security

    Ensure that metadata and information policy are consistent with secure access to the associated documents.

  • Versioning

    Set enterprise standards balancing retention of document versions with the storage required.

Let Reality Tech lead a top-down Information Architecture design that is manageable, consistent and extensible to serve your document and metadata management needs.