iStock_000034198128SmallWe Define and Implement a true Enterprise Farm Architecture that can span locations and continents while integrating with legacy systems

Take the guesswork out of developing an architecture for multiple clients spanning continents, integrating legacy systems, and centralizing metadata management across site collections and across multiple farms. Reality Tech can design and optimize metadata to enable automated document routing and location-based tagging in an automated fashion across your organization. Engage us design an environment that consolidates multiple locations and systems, offering your users a seamless and exceptional experience.

  • Consistency

    Programmatically tune library metadata defaults, views and versioning.

  • Metadata Automation

    Put in place automation to transform content by auto-tagging based on rules, and change content types to consolidate into a centrally managed set.

  • Metadata Management

    Centralize Metadata Management across site collections and across multiple farms. Design and optimize metadata to enable automated document routing, and location-based tagging in an automated fashion.

  • Scalability

    Scale your environment for performance, redundancy and increased volumes. Design, allowing for scalability, as your organization grows.

  • High Availability

    Design to reduce potential points of failure. Enable seamless failover with minimal effect on user activities and graceful reduction in capacity in the event of failure.  Design to ensure SharePoint Farm resilience.

  • Hybrid scenarios

    Design your SharePoint environment to co-exist with cloud based solutions.

  • Multi-farm integration

    Ensure data and services are seamlessly shared between SharePoint environments.  Design a search experience that consolidates results from multiple environments, locations and systems.

  • Performance

    Design for high performance for the key areas of user interaction.

  • Single-sign-on

    Ensure users have a seamless and uninterrupted experience as they move between environments and locations.

Let Reality Tech review your Enterprise Farm Architecture and recommend ways to enhance and refine it.