gears-535511_1280We provide Enterprise Farm Transformation Solutions to consolidate, centralize, organize and simplify metadata

We can correct for the natural organic growth that occurs as SharePoint gets adopted within the enterprise.  Gain control over the metadata structure, to allow for centralized management.  Let Reality Tech simplify and consolidate your SharePoint structure for consistency and manageability.  We have developed a broad set of PowerShell scripts to transform content by auto-tagging based on rules, and change content types to consolidate into a centrally managed set. We can programmatically tune library metadata defaults, views and versioning to wrestle diverse farms into a consistent and manageable structure.

  • Deploy Content Types

    Deploy centrally defined Content Types across site collections and across multiple farms into each library.  Central control is key to managing SharePoint in the enterprise.

  • Reassign Content Types

    Reassign Content Types to each document in each library in an automated and rules-based fashion.  At this point the metadata for each document can be centrally controlled and managed.

  • Standardized Views

    Deploy standardized views into each library.  This allows for visual consistency, including the look, feel, number of documents per page, fields displayed, sort sequence and interactivity.

  • Content Type Syndication Hub

    Configure a Content Type Syndication Hub to allow for publishing Content Types to all sites in the SharePoint farm, and even to remote farms.

  • retagging

    Retag documents based on rules, to allow enterprise search to return optimal results.

  • Alerts

    Automated alerts for non-compliant changes made to the environment, such as non-standard site and library creation.  This allows for proactive action to address non-compliance.

Let Reality Tech consolidate your SharePoint Farm to bring consistency and compliance to your environment.