SharePoint Managed Metadata Service Taxonomy Design

We develop great Enterprise Taxonomy Designs for better Document Management

Metadata is a key to success in SharePoint. By defining the fields and tags centrally, an organization can control and simplify how documents are organized, secured and searched within the enterprise.

Combining enterprise knowledge with SharePoint metadata and taxonomy capabilities can ensure SharePoint is deployed in a way that satisfies users and can grow with the enterprise. Good design will help make information easy to find and content easy to access within your sites. Your information and the management of it is only as good as the metadata applied to the content and the search configuration. A taxonomy defines and controls the way a Web site is organized, the naming of data, how users find information, and how they navigate both between sites and within document libraries.

  • Organized Hierarchy

    Define a Content Type hierarchy that makes metadata management a snap

  • Centralize

    Centralize Content Types by setting up a Content Type Syndication Hub

  • Consolidate

    Consolidate and centralize Content Types across SharePoint; it’s never to late to put the ship right

  • Content Classification

    Utilize Content types to define the classification hierarchy of information built from a set of fields defining the metadata

  • Empower users

    Enable users to contribute and manage their metadata where appropriate. Such termsets are known as Folksonomies. User-suggested changes can be automatically added, or automatically submitted for review and approval.

  • Information Policy

    Set up Information Management policies. This includes defining document Labels, Barcodes, Auditing, Disposition and Expiration.

  • Publish Globally

    Enable centralized management of taxonomy termsets consumed by farms globally

  • Navigation

    Extend your termsets to function as a centralized site navigation hierarchy within all SharePoint pages

  • Optimize

    Structure your termsets to work within the boundaries and performance constraints of SharePoint on both number of terms and depth

  • Automate

    Let Reality Tech integrate your legacy and database systems to synchronize corporate data sets with taxonomy termsets for real-time use and full availability of corporate data

  • Workflow

    Plan termset change approval and workflows. Enable term change notification, review and approval by the right staff with confirmed and auditable review and approval prior to publication

  • Tools

    Let Reality Tech empower you to import and export termsets with ease, using our custom-developed tools

  • Search

    Extend your taxonomy to help users search. Enable drill down refinement within search to find content quickly and efficiently.

Let Reality Tech work with you to design, implement and utilize an enterprise Taxonomy.