PM-640x426Reality Tech offers deep expertise in putting in place effective Portfolio Project Management

Resource and project investment decisions are critical to organizational success. Portfolio Project Management can improve both resource and project decisions. It allows you to select and align resource and skills with the portfolio of projects selected to maximize objectives.

We can help you implement systems and processes that allow you to evaluate and monitor the portfolio of IT projects, applications, and infrastructure in real-time to drive informed and cost-effective technology investment decisions. Our services include:

  • Defining project portfolio management processes
  • Identifying opportunities for reducing application cost
  • Ensuring projects are delivering the intended business returns
  • Appropriately prioritizing and scheduling projects based on resourcing, risk and return
  • Implementing metrics for monitoring portfolio performance

We can lead the selection and implementation of enterprise class IT Portfolio Project Mananagement tools that can:

  • Formalize and energize your budgeting process
  • Automate consolidation of requests that feed into the budget cycle
  • Visualize and present risk/return and investment timing
  • Optimize staffing levels over time to match the project portfolio

More than just for budgeting, you can easily report on:

  • Costs: Planned vs. Actual
  • Delivery: Deliverables and progress by business area and constituency
  • Resource management: track the ratio of resource and their costs over time based on type (offshore, onshore, consultant vs. employee, role, title)
  • Portfolio Project Process

    Put in place an end-to-end workflow to handle projects based on size from idea to delivery.  Handle multiple levels of project information capture, approvals, budgeting and delivery.  We can work to design the process to fit your methodology, systems and corporate culture.

  • Reporting and analytics

    Deploy real-time solutions that allow interactive analysis of costs over time based every aspect of project and staff.  Expose dashboards to enable users to visualize and drill into the IT portfolio.

  • Project Management Office (PMO)

    We can help set up a PMO and train your staff to manage the full project lifecycle.  This can optimize organizational efficiencies and improve transparency and drive ongoing organizational improvements.

  • Improve Decision Making

    Ensure informed decisions and governance: by bringing together all project collaborators, data points, and processes in a single, integrated solution, a unified view of project, program, and portfolio status can be achieved within a framework of rigorous control and governance to ensure all projects consistently adhere to business objectives.

  • Ensure Success

    Build contingencies into the overall portfolio: flexibility often exists within individual projects but, by integrating contingency planning across the entire portfolio of investments, organizations can have greater flexibility around how, where, and when they need to allocate resources, alongside the flexibility to adjust those resources in response to a crisis.

  • Do more with less

    For organizations to systematically review project management processes while cutting out inefficiencies and automating those workflows and to ensure a consistent approach to all projects, programs, and portfolios while reducing costs

  • Eliminate surprises

    Formal portfolio project oversight provides managers and executives with a process to identify potential problems earlier in the project lifecycle, and the visibility to take corrective action before they impact financial results.

Let us put in place a formal Portfolio Project Management discipline within your company