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We love the work we do

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Expense Submission and Approval Workflow

Created an expense system to allow for submission and multiple-level approvals. Captured the underlying data in a central SQL Server database for Business Intelligence, using InfoPath and workflows. Leveraged ActiveDirectory for approval notifications, and custom form behavior.

Financial Workflow Automation

Financial task generation, approval and auditing made easy.  Colorized dashboards and analytics views enable generating recurring tasks easy, with automated assignments and colorization based on status.

Audit Document Generation and Capture

Configured a cloud based client segregated SharePoint environment to allow audit clients to upload documentation relating to audits.  Documents are automatically routed based on metadata.  Separately automated reporting of both SharePoint security and ActiveDirectory configuration for automated extraction and snapshot reporting both to a database and to SharePoint libraries for compliance, auditing and reporting.

Accounting Monthly Rollover

Designed a system for managing monthly accounting process for a P&C Insurance company with over $1B in revenue. A system for automated initial tagging of content based on rules, with user overrides, the ability for a user to run a simulated transition to a new month, copying content between sites and site collections to a new month, reporting which documents would be copied and which would not. The report is generated both via email along with a link in the email to a more detailed report automatically stored in SharePoint.

Custom Blogging System

Customized blogging system for hedge fund traders, designed for speed and to maximize use of screen real estate. Developed using SharePoint Designer and XSLT.

MS-Office Integration

Developed Ribbon extensions into MS-Office using RibbonXML and C# deployed as a ClickOnce package to add icons and actions to automate, integrate and extend MS-Office. Extended the Ribbon in SharePoint to add custom actions relating to workflows, folder creation and metadata tagging.

Customized Document Compliance Reporting

A reporting solution with ability of highlighting documents that were either not filed or out-of-date, based on the rules, documents and the folder metadata information. Reports are emailed automatically with a formatted table, as well as a CSV filed in SharePoint, and a link to the CSV is also included in the email with proper guidance for correcting the compliance issue.

Out of Office Calendar

Designed and built an Out of Office calendar request system with approval workflows that track and report on changes to Sick, Vacation, Holiday, and Carry Over vacation, with a wide range of logic for conditional auto-approval, notification and reporting. This was completed using InfoPath with managed C#, XPath, and SharePoint Designer workflows.

Disaster Recovery Farm Replication

Developed a Farm report generation system that creates a detailed farm report in XML including all Content Databases, web application configuration, IIS configuration, and all service application configuration including User Profile Service and ActiveDirectory replication. Created a solution to regenerate and configure the farm in a DR environment, allowing for overrides as desired for server names and account names. This forms the foundation for automated replication, failover and failback to a disaster recovery site in the event of a disaster.

Purchase Order and Check Request Processing

Developed a Purchase Order and an integrated Check Request process, workflow with integrated Journal Entry tracking and workflow for Accounting automation and approvals. The data is integrated into IT Asset Management tracking with automated propagation of expected product as a result of the purchase. This was completed using InfoPath with C#, XPath and SharePoint Designer workflows.

Dynamically Configured Document Security

Developed Event Receivers to customize document level security based on metadata defaults.  Dynamically assign security based on metadata.

SharePoint List Replication to SQL

Designed and developed a system to replicate SharePoint lists into SQL tables real-time. The system is developed with an automated XML mapping generator that uploads the custom map of SharePoint list fields to SQL table fields, and dynamically creates the corresponding SQL table.

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