Automate existing business processes using workflows to visually map and automate manual tasks.

Reality Tech creates forms that collect the right data, from the right people at appropriate parts of the business cycle.

Easily route requests and documents to authorized users based on transaction data. Escalate approvals so requests never get “stuck”. Through streamlining and automation Reality Tech can streamline the business process to simplify and guide users through their steps of the overall workflow. Generate visible approval or feedback tasks that can take action if not processed within a time window.

Collect the right information based on context, and notify the appropriate staff along the way, to minimize effort and improve overall manageability. Common areas for workflow automation include:

  • Feedback

    Collecting document feedback or signatures

  • Approval

    Document approval and disposition

  • Financial Requests

    Financial request processing such as Purchase Orders, Check Requests, Training requests, and travel requests

  • Multi-stage process

    Multi-stage business process automation, particularly requests requiring action across departments

  • Department solution

    On-boarding or Off-boarding of staff, including equipment requests, benefits signup, and policy document signatures

  • Enterprise solutions

    Combine forms, workflows, and cross department processes into an enterprise class solution that works seamlessly to optimize the efficiency of your organization.

Workflow automation can reduce email overload, and automate request processing so the ongoing work becomes visible, measurable, and managers can focus on exception processing to optimize their time and resources.

At Reality Tech we apply the appropriate workflow solution to meet the business objectives. While we apply business analysts third party tools and and programming when necessary, we strive to deliver solutions that are simple, easy to use and cost effective and right-sized for your business.

Contact us to discuss automating your workflows and improve your processing time.