We are expert in capacity planning and designing high performance enterprise class systems

Let our experts assess and analyze your enterprise needs for storing content in SharePoint. We conduct capacity planning for both current and future needs and provide specific recommendations to plan for growth, operability and performance. We project Microsoft SQL Server database sizing, develop server technical requirements and define SQL Server volume sizes for optimal placement of SQL Server data and log files. We implement SQL Server database monitoring and administration, including performance tuning of SQL Server configuration parameters and non-SharePoint database query tuning.

  • Plan

    Plan for success by designing the SharePoint environment to be able to scale efficiently and seamlessly to handle growth in both storage and usage

  • Design

    Design your environment the right way. Architect for the storage and network and server performance that’s needed to satisfy your most demanding customers

  • Scale

    Design the farm servers to support your planned utilization, scaling vertically and horizontally as necessary

  • Optimize

    Optimize the performance of your environment to get the very best from the hardware that is already in place. Leverage the out of box capabilities for scalability including:

    • Blob Cache
    • Publishing Cache
    • App Cache Fabric
    • Dedicated service application farms
    • High performance SQL Server design
  • Constraining Factors

    Let us guide to working within the constraints of SharePoint. We can help you avoid common errors that impede system growth, such as:

    • Too large content databases
    • Too many unique permissions within a given library

Let us design your SharePoint environment for your organization’s future growth.