Reality Tech are SharePoint Migration experts with experience in tackling the most challenging large-scale SharePoint migration projects

Migrating successfully requires planing with an understanding of the enterprise, the capabilities of SharePoint, and designing for growth. We utilize best in class migration tools to migrate from legacy systems to SharePoint as well as to upgrade SharePoint.  We also build custom tools to solve the knottiest migration challenges.  Let us help evaluate and select the best Migration tool for your needs, and have our experts rapidly put in place a plan for phased migration, including infrastructure, training and governance.

  • Strategy

    Just dumping from source to destination adds little value. The magic is in fixing or adjusting the minimum amount to bring some coherence and manageability to the resulting document corpus.  Reality Tech bring vast experience to guiding your organization to the right decisions.

  • What to migrate

    Deciding what to retire is the flip side of deciding what to migrate. Any significant document volumes that can be retired are a “win” for IT to manage the ever growing volume of documents.

  • Phased and iterative migration

    Migrations of any significance take time.  To manage the process, documents can be migrated in waves, iterations, phases or time slices. Whatever method is chosen needs to be linked to user communication and planning.

  • Retiring the source

    The migration has little value and will get little use, unless the source system is made read-only and ultimately retired.

  • Tools

    If a migration tool is needed, we can provide Migration tool evaluation, selection, as well as custom built tools.

  • Structure

    Determining the target structure is key to creating an environment that can scale and perform correctly.

  • Metadata

    Centralizing the new SharePoint metadata is crucial.  We leverage all of SharePoint capabilities including Taxonomies and Content Type Syndication.  Mapping and adjusting or correcting metadata can be done as part of migration as well.

  • Security

    Preserving adequate security while simplifying where possible makes the environment easier to manage and more useful.

  • Mapping repositories

    Crucial question include how to map the source system, and onto what SharePoint component; be it site, web, library or folder.

  • Be in the know

    We know SharePoint; what its capabilities and limitations are.  Let an informed guide ensure the features and capabilities you are counting on are likely to perform on an ongoing basis.

Legacy content and applications can present migration challenges. Let us plan out and solve migration issues, so your migration is pre-tested, making the SharePoint migration launch successful.