We are expert in Streamlining and Automating financial and business processes

Generate reports when and where you need them. Notify users, partners and customers throughout the full transaction or reporting cycle. Speed efforts and improve efficiencies by automating manual steps done by people.

  • People and Process

    Financial automation with Reality Tech takes the broader view of People and Processes while leveraging Technology to enhance and optimize financial processes to deliver measurable organizational benefits.

  • Innovation

    Our focus on innovation, and lean-business practices means our clients enjoy greater efficiency and improved financial outcomes. Our solutions are measurable, proven and documented, delivering on-going cost savings, increasing service levels and productivity delivering on-going strategic and competitive advantage for our clients.

  • Expertise

    More than just delivering technology solutions, we apply financial expertise and best practices to drive user adoption and deliver financial benefits that are measurable, such as accelerated payback and cost recovery through reduced operating costs while improving process visibility and internal controls. Reduced cycle times and lower costs drive both profitability as well as create a competitive advantage.

Financial Automation can include Transactional Processing, Electronic Invoicing, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Exception Management, Workflows and Seamless Integration.

Let us help you automate your financial process. The results will impress you.