Let Reality Tech assess your financial processes and implement a plan to remediate and optimize your financial processes.

Put in place the metrics to measure your processes, and the controls needed to satisfy fiduciary and audit requirements.

  • Inventory

    Inventorying your financial processes allows for a top-down assessment of the current state of your financial processes, and allows an objective cost/value assessment of improvements to guide prioritization of efforts.

  • Controls

    A range of controls can be considered and assessed, from automated and manual process controls, to interface, computing and reporting controls.

  • Access

    How data and processes are accessed and updated include not only who can do it, but what roles people fill, and what each role is authorized to do.  Lastly, the role and staffing assignments can be tracked and reported over time.

  • Documentation

    A process is only as good as the people who work within it, and those people need to be empowered to fill their roles correctly.  Documentation creates a reference framework for training and for the consistent execution of the process.

  • Testing

    Through testing, a process can be confirmed to work as designed and documented.  Testing can go further and evaluate the effectiveness of controls.  Testing is also viable for confirming data accuracy and validity.

  • Remediation

    We can remediate and document your spreadsheets, and automate the manual processes that slow your processing.

  • Automation

    Automation can speed these processes and reduce accidental errors introduced by manual processes.

Our financial remediation services have benefited CIOs in varied industries.