We are expert in taking a structured approach and putting in place a methodology and systems to manage the demands placed on IT

Demand Management is the set of disciplines, tools, and governance designed to prioritize, manage, approve, and ultimately shape business demand for IT products and services in balance with supply constraints. Within these, supply of IT services remains costly and is overwhelmed by an unmitigated and overwhelming stream of unstructured and unprioritized IT requests.

A comprehensive implementation of a Demand Management solution will cover the systems, people and processes that work together to handle demands on IT. We can help select and implement the systems, educate and communicate with the people, and define and refine the processes.

  • Process

    By developing processes to associate requests with business revenue and profitability metrics, request volumes can be managed, by reporting forecast benefits of requests with actual delivered benefits.

  • Organization

    One foundation for achieving this is implementing a PMO and Portfolio Program Management that has responsibility for tracking and reporting delivery against demand in a visible fashion.

  • Insightful Guidance

    We inform and provide guidance and insights to enable more effective Executive Investment Decisions.  With the right insights, Executive Management can make, manage and validate future investment decisions based on strategic requests from the business. Analyze demand trends and operational activities over time across all products and services, by requesting department.

  • Stakeholder Visibility

    Ensure that the right people can evaluate, prioritize, score and rank requests, validating the associated business cases with an automated stakeholder register.  Requests can be handled based on size, to allow streamlining of smaller requests.

  • Visualize

    Use timeline visualizations to show all requests to IT across the organization. Dashboards and bubble charts enable stakeholders to compare requests based on common metrics such as risk ratings, return on investment, and cost.

  • Integrate

    Centralize request submission onto an intranet.  Integrate with delivery applications, Change Management, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) systems, as well as control production changes.

  • Consolidate

    Consolidate to a single system of record and automate components of the demand process.

  • Charge Back

    Consider pricing and charging back to the requesting department. Demand can be managed and mitigated by exposing costs to the requesting department.

Engage Reality Tech to help optimize your internal request and delivery practices to manage the flow of demands on IT.