We are thought leaders in organizational strategy and operations, and expert in designing and implementing organizational change

  • Capabilities

    Determine optimal to-be state for organizational and operational initiatives, Organizational Needs Assessment, Workforce Modeling and Organization Design, Shared Services, Governance, policies and procedures.

  • Organizational Needs Assessment

    We can help map your staff capabilities and organizational structure to the strategic direction and operational initiatives. We evaluate and maximize operations at every level of an organization, from a single department to the organization as a whole.  This guides the creation of an organizational design and roadmap for aligning your competencies, staff and structure to meet your operational and strategic needs.

  • Workforce Modeling

    We can review your organizational structure and strategy, and map existing staffing against both strategic needs and labor force to determine alignment and gaps.  We can devise staffing strategies to optimize your workforce skills and capabilities to meet your strategic needs.

  • Back-Office

    Our range of back-office guidance covers functions including finance, human resources, procurement, and IT.  We’ve carefully identified the best practices that drive organizational performance.  Let us guide your organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Policies and Procedures

    Policies and Procedures codify the parameters and steps for organizational execution.  developing an Employee Handbook and creating a Policies and Procedures Manual is one key deliverable.  Putting Policies and Procedures in place, communicating them, and enforcing them is key to organizational consistency, efficiency, as well as provides a foundation for meeting audit and compliance requirements. We pride ourselves in providing deep policies and procedures consulting experience that defines and promotes policies and procedures as both a management and technical communication foundation for performance improvement.

  • Strategy and change

    Successfully implementing change requires careful forethought, planning and communication.  Let us work with your management team to design, plan and thoughtfully communicate with your organization to facilitate the planned changes.  We can help develop and communicate Organizational changes and process improvement.

  • Organizational learning and knowledge management

    The best organizations acquire knowledge and institutionalize it.  This empowers staff, improves morale through personal growth, and enables knowledge as a core competency.  Let us design and implement learning and knowledge management for your organizational growth and success.

Let Reality Tech work with your team on designing and implementing organizational change