We are thought leaders in effective IT Sourcing

Apply best practices for strategic sourcing and strategic vendor management to lower costs, manage demand, and improve service levels; areas of expertise include Implementing chargeback systems, Refining the fully lifecycle methodology, Sourcing Strategy, Complex Negotiations, Strategic Vendor Management.

  • Evaluate

    Let us evaluate your existing sourcing model and refine a strategy for going forward.

  • Let’s not oversimplify

    Sourcing is more than just apportioning onshore and offshore.  It includes consideration of the culture, legal framework, and capabilities of the vendor, as well as processes and culture internally.

  • Vendor evaluation

    Starting with a set of strategic criteria, an evaluation process can be put into action to analyze and objectively consider a range of vendors and their relative fit.

  • Objectivity

    We act as an “Honest Broker” by providing you with the market data, selection process and experience that allows you to dramatically shorten the time to put in place a rational IT sourcing strategy and achieving results, as well as mitigating risks associated with undertaking this significant change.

Let Reality Tech help refine your IT Sourcing strategy and process.