We wrote the book on Disaster Recovery for SharePoint 2013

If your SharePoint Disaster Recovery plan is simply a server image backup, you’re skirting with disaster. Disaster Recovery in SharePoint is much more. With the right planning and tools, you can rest in comfort that you can recover when disaster strikes. Let us get your Disaster Recovery environment ready.

  • Backup and restore

    Determine your recovery points, and target objectives and metrics for recovery

  • Inventory

    Categorize and track all the components needed for a full restoration, from servers, storage, database, to DNS and ActiveDirectory

  • Replicate

    Replicate your environment both for development and for fail-over.  We have built the tools you need to automate replication.

  • Recover

    Put in place the ability to restore and recover effectively and efficiently

  • Failover

    Map out all steps needed to fail over to the Disaster Recovery environment.  Be able and ready to be back on line quickly and enable users to continue work seamlessly.

  • Fail-back

    Have a tested plan in place to fail back from DR to your regular production environment

  • Testing

    Put your environment through a real-world test with both a failover, and failback

  • Scenario Planning

    Map out the scenarios, from a minor outage, to a full loss of all servers, and test the ability to recover

Reality-Tech Principal Joel Plaut co-authored the SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery book available on Amazon: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery Guide

Let Reality Tech help get your Disaster Recovery planning and environment on-line.