• SharePoint Health Check

    Let Reality Tech assess your SharePoint farm health and infrastructure configuration as well as performance, leading to recommendations, optimization and measurable performance improvements

  • Capacity Planning

    Let our experts assess and analyze the enterprise need for storing content in SharePoint

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

    If your SharePoint Disaster Recovery plan is simply a server image backup, you’re skirting with disaster. Disaster Recovery in SharePoint is much more

  • Governance

    Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that are established in the enterprise to guide, direct, and control how it uses technologies to accomplish business goals

  • Installation and Configuration

    Correct installation of SharePoint is absolutely essential to success within the organization. There are configuration settings that simply cannot be changed without a full re-installation.

  • Migration

    Migrating successfully requires planning with an understanding of the enterprise, the capabilities of SharePoint, and designing for growth

  • Scripting Automation

    We are experts in PowerShell and can automate almost any imaginable task or process.  If it is repeatable, we can automate it

  • SharePoint Optimization

    Reality Tech are experts in customizing SharePoint to serve your unique business needs. Our capabilities cover the full range of integration, automation, branding, and user experience to enable your legacy systems to work seamlessly with SharePoint

  • SharePoint Upgrade Strategy

    Outline the options and recommend an approved method for upgrading SharePoint taking into account diverse user needs and departments

  • Training

    Let Reality Tech train your Operations staff so they can get the most out of SharePoint. We create custom training programs to get your infrastructure staff on-line and up-to-speed to effectively manage SharePoint from an operational perspective.

  • Multiple Farm Federation

    Let Reality Tech work with your team to design and configure a federated global set of farms with select shared services. We can deploy a consistent and automated set of sites, libraries, content types, and views and put in place an enterprise set of farms globally with centralized search capability.

We offer a wide range of Infrastructure Services
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