Install SharePoint the right way. Reality Tech has the know-how to install and configure SharePoint for a range of enterprises.

Correct installation of SharePoint with best practices is absolutely crucial and essential to its success within the organization. There are configuration settings that simply cannot be changed without a full re-installation.

  • Services

    Correct configuration of the right set of services that are required by your organization

  • Software and Versions

    Assessment of the appropriate SharePoint version and underlying software and OS and path levels

  • Scripted automation

    By taking a script-based approach, the installation can be planned, automated and repeated, if necessary.  A scripted installation allows for all servers to be configured the same, and all environments to be similarly configured. Lastly, script automation can be a core component of the Disaster Recovery Plan.

  • Performance Tuning

    Exceptional performance doesn’t just happen.  Performance needs to be planned and designed into an enterprise system. We provide performance tuning at every level, from SharePoint, server, virtualization, SQL Server, storage, IIS, through  a myriad of configuration options.

  • Documentation

    As part of our installation, we provide precise documentation of the installation, its configuration, and how we performed it

  • Federation

    Multi-site federation of services, allowing farms around the world to optimally connect and share information, resulting in a unified and optimal user experience

  • Accounts

    As part of our installation service, we work with your team to plan the service accounts used within the SharePoint environment.  This planning is critical, as some configuration aspects are difficult or impossible to change later

  • Warmup

    The first users of the day can find SharePoint to be sluggish.  Avoid that by having Reality Tech configure a warmup script, ensuring early workers have as great an experience as the rest of the organization

Let Reality Tech install and configure SharePoint the right way for your organization.