Reality Tech are experts in customizing SharePoint to serve your unique business needs.

Our services cover the full range of integration, automation, branding and user experience to enable your legacy systems to work seamlessly with SharePoint

Before any customization, out of the box SharePoint features are leveraged to deliver maximum capabilities. Reality Tech can brand and refine the user experience to serve your unique business needs. Frequent customizations include:

  • Integration

    Integration with Legacy Systems

  • Search

    Extended search capabilities to deliver a business oriented and relevant experience

  • Metadata

    Custom metadata and automated tagging for documents based on context and content

  • Forms

    Forms and workflows designed to optimize business processes

  • Cloud and Hybrid

    Hybrid on-premises and cloud based integrated SharePoint experience optimized to work with your staff and partners

  • Co-exist with current solutions

    Integrated line of business solution based security with SharePoint

  • Seamless security

    SharePoint security integrated with the line of business solution

  • Out of Box Capabilities

    Web Parts, Event Receivers, Workflows and more

  • Project oriented

    Project and team site and template automation to streamline business use

  • Business Intelligence

    Integrated and dynamic business intelligence and dashboards that consolidate data from across the enterprise for a seamless, visual analytic experience

  • Common Platform

    SharePoint leveraged as a platform for delivering enterprise content and services

We have been able to improve every SharePoint farm we reviewed.
We can make your SharePoint farm sing