We recreate replacements for your old SharePoint Sandbox Solutions

Microsoft has deprecated Sandbox solutions and scheduled them for retirement.  We create custom replacements for any Sandbox solutions.  There are several approaches we can take to replacing them, including SharePoint Apps Model and client-side JQuery/REST based solutions.  Let us help you rapidly meet your goals and get onto a recommended and supported set of customizations.

  • Platform

    On-premises, in Office 365, Azure, or any hybrid.

  • Code-based sandbox solutions

    These solutions contain a custom assembly, these include:

    • Sandbox solution containing InfoPath form with code behind
    • Code-based sandbox solutions with customizations like web parts, event receivers or feature receivers
    • Sandbox solutions with custom workflow actions
  • Declarative sandbox solutions

    contain XML based configurations and associated components, including:

    • Site template – Generated using the “Save site as a template”
    • Design package – Generated using the Design Manager from a publishing site
    • Custom sandbox solutions – Created in Visual Studio, for example for branding, that deploy files

  • App Model Replacement

    Using a SharePoint Add-In Model, we can build a custom solution that is Microsoft recommended.

  • Client-side Solutio

    We can use JavaScript code that leverages existing JavaScript frameworks (like Angular.js, jQuery, React.js, or Node.js) which use SharePoint REST/ OData service calls or the SPService.js library, which is a jQuery based library.

Let us rapidly replace your deprecated Sandbox solutions.  Contact us to get started.