Our focus is getting SharePoint upgraded, so your team can reap all the benefits of the latest version

We can work with your team to tailor an upgrade approach to SharePoint that takes into account departments, divisions, legacy systems branding and customization.  We will deliver a detailed plan for the testing, migration and launch in order to jump start your migration.  Our services include upgrade planning, installation and migration, as well as assessing existing customizations, with a tailored migration/replacement approach.

  • Options

    Outline the options and recommend an approach for upgrading SharePoint, taking into account diverse user and department needs.

  • Planning

    Let us work with your team to create a detailed plan that optimizes existing staff capability and availability, while providing great insights into the cost, effort and duration of the upgrade. We can help launch the project, put in place a plan for the testing, migration and launch of an upgraded and enhanced SharePoint environment.

  • Design

    Determine the best software components and design to optimize usability, availability and performance.

  • Assessment

    A deep review of the relative merits of migration to SharePoint 2013 and/or SharePoint Online within Office 365. Assess existing customizations, and migration/replacement approach for for your needs.

  • Execution

    We can fast-track your migration, and get your content and users smoothly onto the latest version of SharePoint.

  • Install

    Let our experts install and configure the upgraded environment using best practices. We use an automated approach to get the install done quickly, in a repeatable fashion, and well documented.

  • Optimize

    Upgrade can be the perfect time to right-size your environment, adding benefits such as redundancy, higher performance, and disaster recovery.

Let the experts guide you to quickly and efficiently upgrade. We can put an optimal plan in place to avoid the delays and disruption that can impact users.

Contact us for an assessment of your environment and upgrade options