We are not only well versed at protecting our clients through a software licensing audit, but we have also conducted software license audits

It is important to have expert validation of your environment prior to exposing your organization to the risks inherent in a software audit.

  • Inventory

    We can provide a quick snapshot of your license compliance and utilization, both to prepare for a software audit, and to identify areas for cost optimization. This can help management understand their current licensing for owned applications. With an accurate understanding of your licensing, you can effectively manage a compelling event such as an audit or license purchase.  This approach can drive efficiencies that reduce software spend or enable more effective management of maintenance and support renewals.

  • Compliance

    We provide organizations with a license compliance analysis based on a purchased versus installed license reconciliation.

  • IT Audit Response

    Management of the response and documentation of any deficiencies detected during IT Audit. Assistance with remediation of administrative and operational controls and processes detected during the audit.

  • ROI

    We can help put in place a Return on Investment analysis for the enterprise software and licensing.

  • Due Diligence

    If you are considering an acquisition, it iss key to understand license compliance, as this can feed acquisition costs.

  • Optimization

    By understanding and applying the appropriate license use rights, organizations can minimize their license consumption and reduce ongoing costs for software. As part of this service, we provide advisory services for key vendors that can be used to support contract negotiation and audit preparation.

We can help get your software licensing under control