Reality Tech provides SharePoint development experts for SharePoint customization and app development

Let our SharePoint developers and architects design or adapt a custom solution using our rapid development and deployment capabilities to meet your exacting enterprise needs

  • Disaster Recovery Farm Replication

    Intelligently replicate your production SharePoint farm to a Disaster Recovery farm.  This includes an Enterprise-class farm report generation system as well as a Disaster Recovery Farm automated configuration system with overrides.  more…

  • Document Compliance

    Enterprise-Class Document Compliance Reporting automation.  Reporting solution highlighting documents that were not filed or out-of-date, based on rules and document and folder metadata. A customized report is emailed automatically with a formatted table, as well as a report (CSV) filed in SharePoint, and a link to the report included in the email, with guidance on correcting compliance issues.

  • Document Generation

    Document Generation automates the process of generating mass customized documents that conform to corporate standards.  Take your documents to a new level by integrating data sources, and optional sections by automating a survey that leads to a rapidly generated document.

  • eDiscovery and Records Management

    Define how documents can be discovered, and put in place a mechanism for setting up a chain of control.  Define how and when documents become records, and enable consolidated records management across the enterprise. more…

  • ERM

    Enterprise Risk Management is an ongoing, strategic process to understand, monitor, manage and optimize risk. Utilize ERM to take the broader enterprise perspective to satisfy risk management needs driven from the Board and from Auditors. more…

  • Financial Workflow Automation

    Reality Tech has developed a novel Financial Compliance workflow solution which automatically generates tasks and includes an interactive dashboard.

  • Metadata Based Security

    Dynamically configure document security based on context; automatically set security based on document metadata or location.  Apply security automatically based on a spreadsheet definition stored within SharePoint.

  • Paid Time Off

    Organize your staff with an automated Paid Time Off (PTO) Out of Office Calendar to track staff and their holiday, sick, and vacation time against their allocated time off.  Enable managers to approve time off requests, and enable auto-approving where appropriate.

  • SharePoint List replication to SQL

    A robust and dynamic system that replicates SharePoint lists into SQL tables in real-time. Great for audit purposes, and for reporting from a wide range of lists across the farm, without placing load on SharePoint itself. Unlike Search, which is typically working from a search index that is not real-time, this solution is fully real-time. Leverage SSRS and other SQL based reporting capabilities.

  • Security Report Automation

    Comprehensive reporting of the security of every site, library and document across the entire SharePoint farm.  Available within a spreadsheet extract, or a periodic load into SQL Server for enterprise analytics.

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