We provide Customized Enterprise Document Compliance Reporting Automation

Failure to file specific documents periodically can lead to audit, compliance and regulatory issues.  While most reporting systems report on the presence of documents meeting criteria, this class of system does the opposite; it reports when expected documents don’t exist with the requisite metadata.

Enterprise-Class Document Compliance Reporting automation including reporting that highlights documents that were not filed or have become out-of-date, based on rules and document and folder metadata. A customized report is emailed automatically with a formatted table, as well as a report (CSV) filed automatically into SharePoint. A link to this report is included in the email, with guidance on correcting any compliance issues.

  • Notification

    • Notifying users of non-compliance speeds correction
    • e-mails generated to specifically chosen people
  • Automation

    Ensure and confirms compliance automatically. Enable rapid auditing without manual intervention

  • Automated filing

    Auto-filing of reports into the document repository

  • Escalation

    Gradual escalation in the event of prolonged non-compliance

Let Reality Tech put into place the systems to ensure your staff stays in document filing compliance