We create the systems to provide Document Compliance and ensure you remain in Compliance

Enterprise-Class Document Compliance Reporting automation.  Reporting solution highlighting documents that were not filed or out-of-date, based on rules and document and folder metadata. A customized report is emailed automatically with a formatted table, as well as a report (CSV) filed in SharePoint, and a link to the report included in the email, with guidance on correcting compliance issues.

  • Security

    • Automated assignment of security
    • Periodic reversion of security to the established security policy
    • Security automated to prevent users from deploying anywhere but leaf folders
  • Reporting

    • Automated reporting of folders missing documents based on fiscal year
    • Automated reporting of security
    • Automated auditing and reporting of access rights over time; see who has ever had access to a particular document
  • Metadata tagging

    • Changes to CSV automatically propagate to rename folders and tags
    • Real-time tagging of Fiscal Year based on current data
  • Automation

    • CSV based automatically generated library of metadata defaulted folders
    • Automatic generation of links stored in other folders based on metadata matching

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