Reality Tech has developed a novel Financial Compliance workflow solution with automated task generation and interactive dashboard

The solution colorizes the tasks, surfacing tasks based on approaching due dates in a wide range of filterable views; filtered by the assignee, date range, and topic/area.  Tasks are visible in lists, calendars and a summary executive dashboard, and can be filtered, with drill-in capability.  All user actions are audited, and securely controlled.

The automation generates recurring tasks from a task template.  The easy to use task template determines whether the tasks automatically generate based on an Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and even Daily timeline, and are associated with one or multiple areas/topics.

If a task is assigned to several funds/topics, then a separate task is automatically generated for each of those areas/topics, with values associated with each of the topics.  The multiple levels of task assignee for each generated task depends on the default assignees configured for the given topic.

For daily tasks, there are default and configurable times during the day that tasks change from green to yellow to orange based on time criticality.

  • Executive Dashboard

    • A central dashboard allows a quick enterprise status.
    • Clicking a non-zero number drills into the set of tasks associated with that number, allowing quick analysis and escalation of those tasks.
  • Analytical Views

    A wide set of analytical views is available; spanning list views, calendar views,

  • One-click Approval

    Farm simpler than other workflow solutions, a quick check next to a task triggers the approval.  Approving kicks the task forward to the next stage, adjusting the % complete, changes assignees, and updates the color accordingly:

  • Views are dynamic and filterable

    All views have dynamic filtering.  The daily/weekly/monthly calendar views surface useful information, with title, assignee and %complete displayed.

  • Real Time

    tasks and colors update instantly.  No need to wait for workflows to fire up and process.  Approving a task moves it instantly to the next assignee, and updates the color. In real-time.

  • Conditional Approval

    Conditionally approve tasks. Mark them as exceptional, and add an explanation for why they were only conditionally approved.

  • Tasks created and scheduled based on Business Day

    Tasks can be scheduled to be automatically created on, before or after the start of the current period.  Just specify the number of business days before or after.  The system calculates business days, using a local calendar to determine if there are company holidays to skip.

  • Configurable number of Approval levels

    Automation moves tasks to the next color as dates slip.  Daily tasks can slip based on time of day, weekly and monthly tasks slip by the day.  Business days age based on the company calendar.

  • Security

    Only the current assignee can approve a task.  A Compliance Admin SharePoint group contains users who can change fields or approve items assigned to others.  Otherwise regular users cannot alter fields and can only approve a task that’s assigned to them.

  • Task templating made easy

    Creating a Task Template for automated task generation is very straightforward and clear.  As values are selected, the form describes exactly how the task would be generated, and gives a specific example and date when the task would be generated given the current settings:

  • Auditing

    Every task that is created or updated is audited to a database with every field captured, what was changed, the original value and the new value, and who changed it.  This allows easy reporting for audit purposes of the full lifecycle for each task and who approved or updated it and when.

Discover how quickly your enterprise can automate recurring approval tasks