Reality Tech are thought leaders in automating the full lifecycle of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Enterprise Risk Management is an ongoing, strategic process to understand, monitor, manage and optimize risk. Utilize ERM to take the broader enterprise perspective to satisfy risk management needs driven from the Board and from Auditors.

erm1xThe Reality Tech ERM solution does this by:

  • Identifying, assessing, and exploiting risks so as to optimize a risk profile.
  • Managing exposure to current and emerging risk scenarios.
  • Effectively communicating the corporate risk profile and ERM approach to affected parties.
  • Promote a risk-aware culture across the enterprise.
  • Dynamic graphical display of risks across multiple dimensions.

This system consolidates the disparate Risk Management information into a set of structured analytical views for ad-hoc analysis and reporting. Benefits include:

  • Utilizing SharePoint to consolidate and link existing MS-Word, Excel, and Visio documents.
  • Easy to export to Excel for offline analysis
  • Secure content
  • Versions of each entry are tracked, with author, timestamp and auditing
  • Alerts are easily set to learn when changes are made
  • Approvals can be enabled as a process to ensure the change is approved prior to others viewing it
  • Many views allowing drill-in to analyze risk, ownership, remediation, associated processes, and other linkage
  • Workflows for managing tasks, activities, delegation, updates and notifications


Bring your risk data to life by enabling workflows for review and approval:

ERM Approval Workflow with Notification

Why ERM?

Extend capabilities beyond Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC). ERM is the broader term, while GRC systems can be:

  • backwards (historical) focused, instead of forward looking
  • Lacking in assessing and representing business processes
  • Individual department focused, instead of assessing risk across the enterprise

Manage and Analyze your risks:

Risks categorized by Score

Drill in to analyze how events and associated risks are managed via controls:

Control Category to Control Objective

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