Reality Tech has solutions to automate secure access based on document metadata

Organizations can gain a great deal from metadata enabling their documents and repositories.  Beyond enlightened search, metadata can be used to dynamically set security.  A common example is Legal Matter Management; where people or groups are enabled for access based on the topic or case.

  • Dynamically configured security

    Security dynamically assigned based on content, context, location and tags.

  • Security mapping

    Security set based on real-time lookup to spreadsheet or legacy system.

  • Bulk reassignment of security

    Security can be reset in one pass, based on newly assigned rules for security assignment.

  • AD or SharePoint group assignments

    Security can be automatically set based on real time assignment to AD groups or SharePoint groups.

  • Rules driven

    Security can be simplified to dynamically defined and extensible rules for assigning security.

Learn more about how to utilize existing metadata to control document repository security