We offer a solution for managing SSRS reports for frequent deployment to multiple SharePoint sites

SQL Server reporting comes to life when SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) runs in SharePoint integrated mode.  However report deployment is a manual process from SQL Server Data Tools within Visual Studio.  This solution automates the deployment and data source binding to multiple SharePoint locations easily and seamlessly.  This solution inventories reports automatically across Visual Studio solutions, and can automatically publish the reports to multiple SharePoint locations.

  • Automate SharePoint Location Inventory

    One click inventorying of all SharePoint locations that have the content type for publishing reports.  This spans all site collections, sites, libraries, and folders.

  • Automated capture of all reports

    One-click capture of all available reports for publishing to SharePoint.

  • Available comments fields

    Each SharePoint location can have a description associated, as can each report for publishing,

  • Generate new libraries from a CSV

    Automatically create libraries and create the views, metadata and add the content types for as many libraries as needed.  Automation makes this task easy and consistent.

  • Publish to multiple locations

    Each report can be published to more than one location.  Reports can be mapped in bulk.

  • Update or retract or delete

    • Mark reports as retracted or deleted.
    • Set reports as Draft to avoid publishing.
    • Update all reports in SharePoint.
  • Bind reports to Data Sources

    Reports in SharePoint need to be rebound to data sources when published.  The rebinding can be automatically done for you.

  • Set report display sequence

    Define the sequence that reports appear in SharePoint.

Let’s discuss how to automate your SQL Server report deployments to save time and effort