We provide Comprehensive reporting of security across the SharePoint Environment

  • Every level of the farm

    Report on permissions at every single level of the farm.  This includes Web Application, Site Collection, Site, Library, Folder and Document.

  • Check Inheritence

    Find the content that has unique permissions.  Knowing what has custom permissions empowers you to review and possibly simplify security.

  • Identify named users

    Find security granted to named users, as opposed to SharePoint groups or AD security assignments.  Knowing the named users enables you to consolidate and simplify security.

  • Permission levels

    Identify what permission levels are granted.  See who has overly elevated permissions, to allow for review and consolidation to the minimum necessary permissions.

  • Report periodically

    Generate security reports on a periodic and scheduled basis.

  • Output to CSV

    Generate a CSV report that can be pivoted in Excel with highly detailed reporting on the permissions for each document granted to each user.

  • Scale to SQL reporting

    Automation can bulk load into SQL Server the snapshot of security periodically, enabling SSRS reports or interactive analytic Business Intelligence reporting, including leveraging Excel Services and PowerPivot to enable analysis of large datasets.

  • Fix security

    Security reporting is the first step.  Security can be automated to reset access in the event it was changed.  Security can be applied across the farm based on rules or metadata.

Let us help you get your SharePoint security reporting and analysis under control