We Guide your organization to put in place a robust eDiscovery and Record Management solution

eDiscovery is short for electronic discovery, which is defined as the process of discovery in civil litigation that is carried out in electronic formats. The key to eDiscovery is to be proactive in the planning for documents and records with control over the handling of potential eDiscovery requests. By putting in place a process and the system to handle eDiscovery requests, legal demands can be fulfilled, and just as importantly, documents destroyed as part of a document disposition process and File Plan can be justified as complying with a formal disposition policy.

Define how documents can be discovered, and put in place a mechanism for setting up a chain of control:

  • File Plan

    Plan out how and when documents become records. Document and communicate the document lifecycle as a File Plan

  • Record Center

    Create record Centers for consolidating records, or use in-place records management for managing records without moving the documents

  • Advanced Search

    Create Advanced Search Customizations. Add metadata refiners. Surface relevant properties in search previews

  • Archive

    Build Custom Document Archival Systems.  Retire documents to alternate media. Manage librarian access to archives.

  • Conversion

    Build Custom Document Conversion Systems (such as Word to PDF)

  • Analyze

    Analyze document usage.  Gain insights into common document lifecycle patterns

  • Legal Hold

    Put in place the ability to place legal holds on documents by search term.  Optionally prevent documents from being modified while on Hold.

  • Disposition Approval

    Design sophisticated multi-stage document disposition approval workflows.  Capture approvals prior to document archive or destruction.

  • Document destruction

    Design and implement a comprehensive Document Disposition system. Create and deploy a comprehensive Information Policy encompassing hierarchical Content Types and metadata.

  • Convert

    Convert the enterprise over to the new discoverable model.  Train and enable users to work within the structure.

  • Document Expiration

    Customize a Document Expiration approach that is discoverable via search, with sorted and colorized Expiration Date with automated disposition. Non-record personal documents can be fully tagged with Content Types with clearly defined specific expirations.

  • Schedule document expiration

    Design and automate the scheduling of documents for expiration.  Deploy integrated functionality for reporting, notification and approval completing support for the full document lifecycle.

Reality Tech can facilitate deploying an eDiscovery and Record Management policy and solution to meet your enterprise needs