InfoPath error when runtime dlls are wiped

InfoPath error for runtime DLLs disappearing

I had an interesting problem the other day. One of the users of an InfoPath solution I had developed suddenly received errors using the InfoPath form on a VMWare instance, but it worked fine on her desktop. The InfoPath form lived in SharePoint, and had Managed Code I had written. Here’s the error.
User Error when DLLs go missing

It turns out, some clever admin restored a VMWare image that didn’t include the SharePoint runtime DLLs, yet the user’s profile contained the template. The solution was to go into InfoPath and remove the InfoPath template. On the next visit to the SharePoint site to fill out the InfoPath form, both the InfoPath form (*.xsn) as well as the SharePoint DLLs were downloaded and all worked.

It turns out the Infopath form template contains all the files needed to activate a solution, in a single file. It can include .html, .xml, .xsd, .xslt, script, and other file types that are necessary to support the functionality of the form.), such as files that define how controls in the form should appear, files for graphics that appear in the form, and programming files that enable custom behaviors in the form.

Here’s how to remove an InfoPath template on a user’s desktop:
How to remove an InfoPath Template

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