Remote Blob Storage report

When configuring RBS (Remote Blob Storage), we get to select a minimum blob threshold. Setting this offers a tradeoff between performance and storage cost efficiency.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a report of the RBS (Remote Blob Storage) settings for all content databases within a farm? Well, here’s a script that reports on each content database, whether it is configured for RBS, and what that minimum blob threshold size is.

Write-Host "DB Name$($sep)RBS Enabled$($sep)MinBlobThreshold"
Get-SPContentDatabase  | foreach {;
try {
$rbs = $_.RemoteBlobStorageSettings;
Write-Host "$($$($sep)$($rbs.enabled)$($sep)$($rbs.MinimumBlobStorageSize)"
catch {
write-host -foregroundcolor red "RBS not installed on $($!`n"
Write-Host "$($$($sep)False$($sep)0"
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