Report on RBS Configuration by Content Database

RBS Configuration reporting by Content Database

Here’s a simple script that will report on the RBS configuration across all your Content DBs. It’s useful to be able to lower the minimum blob threshold size for your largest DBs. Just remember to do a PowerShell Migrate() to force the movement of documents in or out of RBS, and remember this command can take a while to run.

Get-SPContentDatabase | foreach {$_;
try {
$rbs = $_.RemoteBlobStorageSettings;
write-host "Provider Name=$($rbs.GetProviderNames())";
write-host "Enabled=$($rbs.enabled)";
write-host "Min Blob Size=$($rbs.MinimumBlobStorageSize)"
catch {write-host -foregroundcolor red "RBS not installed on this database!`n"}
finally {write-host "------------------------------------------------------------------`n"}
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