SharePoint Monitoring Metrics

SharePoint Monitoring Metrics

I pulled together some useful metrics for monitoring SharePoint environments:


  1. Server drive(s) disk space availability (15% free)
  2. Content DB size, and monthly growth rate
  3. Site Collection size and monthly growth rate (same as above, for where we have one site collection per content DB)
  4. Storage by file type (are people uploading home pictures or MP3s)
  5. MySites site size


  1. Unique permission scopes per library


  1. Items per library, and monthly growth rate
  2. Most active site / least active site
  3. Libraries/Sites with no activity in 90 days
  4. Documents with over 200 Versions (considering version trimming of middle 75% of versions, if > 100 versions of a document)
  5. Duplicate Documents
  6. Users who do not create documents in 30 days (perhaps they are storing locally or on other media)
  7. Folders with over 2000 items in the root
  8. Any newly created library or site


  1. Search terms resulting in no-hits
  2. Very frequent searches


–          Reboots

–          IIS Pool recycle frequency

–          Daily report of Unexpected events in ULS log (could be large, and not actionable)

–          RAM usage > 95%

–          Full Crawl exceeding 20 hours

–          Incremental crawl not running hourly

–          Failed Timer jobs

–          CPU Usage > 90% average over any five minute period

–          Disk queue length on SharePoint server

–          Web Page load time (can have a program pull a page every minute)

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