Stopping and Starting SharePoint

How to safely stop and start SharePoint for a reboot

I recommend in the SharePoint Server(s), Start, Run, services.msc:
Stop: SharePoint 2013 Timer
Stop: World Wide Web Publishing Service
A reboot is optional

To restart, the order is reversed:
Start: World Wide Web Publishing Service
Start: SharePoint 2013 Timer

Best done before taking SQL Server offline, or any other major maintenance.


In SharePoint 2013 the AppFabric needs to be taken into account. This is a serious concern, as rebooting the AppFabric machine can leave the AppFabric cluster in a non-functional state.

To check the AppFabric status, start with:


To avoid this, run a graceful AppFabric Shutdown:

Stop-CacheHost -HostName sp15-search-idx.sfb-testnet.local -CachePort 22233 -Graceful

We then wait, and once it is down we run:


After reboot we run:


To fix broken social feeds use:

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