Timer Job History

Timer Job History

SharePoint maintains a timer job history by default for seven days. You can see the current duration:

$TJ = Get-SPTimerJob | Where-Object {$_.name -eq "job-delete-job-history"}

If you’d like to know when the job last ran just run:


If you want to reduce the days to retain history, here’s how:


I suggest changing the cleanup frequency to run daily, to reduce periodic growth.

Occasionally the Timer Job History grows to the point where it needs to be gradually cleaned. You can use the technique I outline in this article to gradually cull the timer job history:
sync db grows indefinitely


You can also review Timer Job history via SQL against the farm DB:

FROM [SharePoint_2013_Farm].[dbo].[TimerJobHistory]
where CHARINDEX('text you know is in the job name',JobTitle) > 0
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