How to configure a URL to a specific location inside a PDF

It turns out, there is no way to specify a URL to a bookmark
Here’s how to jump to a place inside a PDF from a link by using what is called “Named Destinations”. Note these are not Bookmarks. Links to Bookmarks do not work.

Here is an example link that will work: : http://sharepoint/dept/abc/Shared%20Documents/Test%20document%20for%20anchoring3.pdf#nameddest=dest3

See the URL above, note there’s a “#” then “nameddest=” then the named destination called “dest3”. This works.

#nameddest=[destination] in this case, I have a named destination I created called “dest3”

Note these are not bookmarks:
1. Use Adobe Acrobat X

2. Edit the PDF

3. Enable viewing of named destinations, by clicking “View, Show/Hide, Navigation Panes, destinations, see image below

4. Click “Destinations” below “Bookmarks” icon on left pane. See below:

Named Destination

Named Destination